Walt Disney World in the COVID19 Universe-Part III

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Laurie Zeller

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Walt Disney World, Florida ~ A Dreamer's Paradise

Walt Disney World is OPEN!! If you're considering a Disney vacation in this COVID19 world, please contact me so I can make sure you are aware of the safe practices, procedures, and requirements.

I don't specialize in Disney Destinations bec...

Masked on the Millenium Falcon

When using the restrooms, go to the far end of the bank of toilet stalls if you have that option. Most people go for the stall that's closest to the door so those are the stalls that are used most often. Instead, walk just a few steps more to find a stall towards the back that isn't used as often. And of course, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom.

Masks! Everyone over the age of 2 MUST wear a mask. So coordinate your outfit with your mask! Make it fun! It's required so you may as well go with it. I am adding a photo album to this article showing some of my own outfits that are completed with matching face masks. Disney sells lots of masks and they are quite breathable, soft, and comfortable. But before you leave home, be sure you try wearing a couple of your own masks for an extended period of time. Tightness, breathability, and ear discomfort are all things you want to know about your mask well before you end up wearing it in the heat and humidity of central Florida.

Even the best masks can get really irritating after a while. So be sure to look for the relaxation stations scattered with the theme parks. There, you can sit down, take off your mask, eat, drink, and just enjoy not having something strapped to your face! If you find yourself overheating and getting kinda crabby, then head for a relaxation station.

These days, mobile ordering is required for entry into a quick service restaurant. In order to keep the people inside a restaurant to a minimum, only those guests who have a blue screen confirmation on their mobile device showing that their order is ready for pick-up will be allowed to enter the restaurant. Please see my article and photo album regarding mobile ordering to get a better idea of how it works!

Walt Disney World is OPEN! And it's an incredibly safe place to visit during the pandemic. The characters and the cast members are very glad to see you. More than ever before. The magic still exists!!

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