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Honeymoon Beach, St John

My clients often ask me for recommendations on which port adventures they should take when sailing Disney Cruise Line. Now I wish I could say that I’ve done ALL of them…could you just imagine?? But alas, I cannot sail with Disney all year long in an effort to have personal knowledge of every amazing destination that they offer. But a girl can dream! And a girl can certainly take some time to document the excursions she has taken as well as other fun experiences she has had onboard. So please check out my Travel Experiences page for some of my personal adventures with Disney Cruise Line and see if they would be a good fit for your own cruise vacation!

Port of: St Thomas/St John

Port Adventure: St. John Eco-Hike ST-03

Cruise Date: February 2018

Be Sure to Bring: Bottled water, comfortable walking shoes, swim suit, sunscreen, towel, camera, backpack, gratuities for ferry boat crew and hiking guide.

Recommended? YES!

I have a true soft spot in my heart for both state and national parks. And I adore a good hike. So the thought of hiking a trail in an area that was drastically different than what I would find in my native Minnesota was very exciting. Virgin Islands National Park, here I come!

We began by boarding a ferry in St Thomas that picked us up right at the same dock where the Disney Fantasy was tethered. Our excursion was just one of many that Disney Cruise Line offered to St John. So the ferry was full of people with everything from beach bags to walking sticks. As the ferry made its way from Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay, the crew of the ferry gave commentary about the history and way of life on the islands. From stories of pirates to hurricanes to pointing out star’s homes we learned quite a bit during the 45-minute journey.

We docked in Cruz Bay and were directed where to go for our particular excursion. We met our guide and took the very short walk to the Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center where he gave us a quick overview of the hike ahead of us. A few minutes were given for a restroom break or to take a quick walk through of the Visitor Center. Then it was off to the Lind Point Trail which was located just a few steps away from the Visitor Center.  

Our one mile one-way hike took us through the tropical forest on a fairly primitive trail. The sun was warm so I was very glad I had brought my bottled water with me. We stopped along the trail a few times to let those who moved at a slower pace to catch up to the group and also to learn about the flora and fauna trailside. The hurricanes of the previous fall had taken their toll on the man-made structures of the area. But the amount of rain that the islands received at that time also helped the forest to become lush and green again very quickly. Breaks in the trees would give us a glimpse of the beautiful Caribbean waters below. It wasn’t a difficult hike at all. There was the occasional hill and you had to watch your step on the sometimes rocky trail. But it was very enjoyable!

Our destination was Honeymoon Beach which was picture-postcard beautiful! Our guide and his wife had a small shelter just off the beach where they offered snacks for purchase as well as restrooms. Bottled water was provided to us upon arrival so we could replenish. We were given about an hour to enjoy the beautiful beach. We swam in the ocean and looked for seashells. We sat on the hot sand and just soaked in the gorgeous views. We watched as sailboats caught the breeze and glided across the water. It was simply divine.

Back into our dry hiking clothes, we took the same trail back the way we had originally come. We bid goodbye to our guide and made our way to the same ferry boat to take us back to Charlotte Amalie. They offered hot dogs, soda, and water for purchase and continued with more stories of the sea and the islands. It was a beautiful day and I truly enjoyed every moment.

While gratuities are never expected by the guides and ferry boat crews, I do highly encourage that you show your appreciation for these people who were a part of making your day so wonderful.   

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