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Laurie Zeller

Apple Valley, MN
Walt Disney World, Florida ~ A Dreamer's Paradise

I don't specialize in Disney Destinations because I took classes or studied books. It’s because I truly have a passion for Disney. I take my own personal vacations to Disney Destinations and have been to them 50+ times.

Walt Disney World. A...

Most of the time when you ask a tour company what sets their business apart from all the other tour companies out there, their standard answer is always, “It’s our people.” Fair enough. But if that’s everyone’s answer then I have a hard time swallowing it. Because in my experience, it doesn’t seem like they’re standing out at all.

Enter the Adventure Guide. A particular breed of leader who guides Adventures by Disney vacations across the globe that have truly mastered the art of caring for their guests.

The hiring process for an Adventure Guide is extensive, to say the least. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their days seeing the sights of the world…and to get paid to do it! But this is Disney. And Disney doesn’t hire just anyone for these coveted positions. Adventure Guides must always put their guests first.

If the group is traveling from one place to another, it’s easy for a guide to just plop themselves down in a seat and chat with the person across the aisle for the duration of the trip. If the guests are thirsty, there’s a cooler of bottled water at the front of the bus and they can help themselves. Adventure Guides are not content to let that happen. They are carrying an armful of bottled water through the moving vehicle, delivering refreshment to their guests. Repeatedly. And then coming through the vehicle to collect the empty bottles. Repeatedly. Hungry? Hunger doesn’t happen when you’re traveling with Adventures by Disney. Because guides are always offering something for you to snack on before your next meal.

So what if you need something while you’re not on the road? Maybe you’ve started walking through the Costa Rican jungle and realize you left your insect repellent in your hotel room. Or you’re about to hike in Arches National Park and realize that your bottle of sunscreen is empty. Find yourself at a restroom in Peru where toilet paper just isn’t standard issue. Fear not, dear traveler! Your Adventure Guide will be there with what they affectionately call their “Mary Poppins backpacks” filled with everything you might need…and things you never even knew you needed!

OH! And did I mention that you don’t just get one of these amazing people to take care of your every need, but that you actually get two Adventure Guides on every tour?

One of your guides will be from the country you’re visiting and one will be from the United States. Together they form a superb team. The local guide will help guests understand the people, culture, and customs from their own personal perspective. They are all English speaking and have gone through the same rigorous training that the American guides do. The American guide helps guests to better understand how those local customs translate to our own and vice versa.

Adventures by Disney is a vacation that stands above others for so many reasons. But when they say that it’s their people that truly make the difference, they mean it. And I believe it. Because I’ve seen it. Adventure Guides have taken the standard tour guide role and perfected it. Always chatting with guests and showing a personal interest in their happiness and comfort as well as being a wealth of knowledge, they quickly become a trusted friend.
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